It can be so easy to go beyond your budget while you are traveling. When you are in a state of wanderlust, holding back from indulging can be a challenge. Also, travel costs can add up quickly even when budgeting correctly. During our travels, we have managed to really understand how to hack costs and be cost effective. Here are a few money saving tips that will help you on your next adventures!


Hotel vs AirBnB vs Hostel

Depending on where you are traveling, all 3 of these options can be realistic. However, evaluating how much you need the room for is the key. Are you just sleeping and showering there? Are you really going to use the gym downstairs?

For example, Kiersten and I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress and had a great time! It had every single perk imaginable – huge pool, jacuzzis, paddle boats, golf courses, delicious on-site restaurants & more. We did pay a pretty penny for this, but we actually used almost all of the amenities.

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This place was awesome!

When Kiersten traveled to Sweden with her big sister from her sorority, they stayed in a great hostel in Stockholm. The amenities were few and far between, but when you are only sleeping and showering, it is a great idea. Also, you get to meet SO many different people from all over the world! It brings a very different experience than locking yourself in a hotel room. To top it all, they can be extremely affordable. Her hostel was around $16/night. This is just one of our money saving tips, but definitely the most crucial!



This can be the largest hurdle. On an average adventure, 45% of the total cost is in your flight. As for money saving tips, here are a few things you can do to save money while flying.

  • Sign up for a travel credit card and rack up miles
  • Pack light and avoid checking in your bag
  • Do NOT buy food at the airport!
  • Before purchasing your flight, search various sites such as Google Flights, Momondo, Kayak, Skyscanner, and each airline’s direct site. Each site may or may not have different pricing.


Other Money Saving Tips

Here is a list of various things to contemplate before your next adventure.

  • Rental Car vs Uber/Lyft
  • Drive/Fly to your destination
  • Drive to another airport (Living in Salt Lake City, sometimes driving to Las Vegas or Denver is worth it!)
  • Watching for flight sales/error fares


What we do to save you money

At L.I.S. Travel, we exist to help you accomplish your travel goals. We want to find the cheapest flights possible for you. Let us know where you want to go next and we will find the best flight deal possible for you!




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