About Us

Our Story

Our names are Kiersten and Brett. Originally from Los Angeles, we have had the travel bug our entire lives. Fast forward to our early 20’s, our finances became pretty tight. We started dating in June 2015 and just got married at the end of June 2018! Throughout our relationship, we have grown even closer through our love for travel.We’ve traveled to Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Orlando, Phoenix, The Cook Islands, Chicago, Seattle, and Portland together – and there’s even more to come including Costa Rica, Greece, and more!As we’ve told our friends and family about our travels, they always ask how we are able to go so many places financially. We decided to start L.I.S. Travel to help as many people as we can accomplish their travel goals.

Our Mission

L.I.S. Travel is a service for avid travelers who are looking to accomplish their travel goals on a budget. Our sentiment of Life Is Short is our motivation to serve you. We exist to encourage wanderlust, curiosity, and adventure for all travelers alike.